Blazer Big Buddy Torch

Blazer Big Buddy Torch

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Blazer Big Buddy

  • Precision Flame Height Adjuster
  • Child-Proof Safety Lock
  • 2500 °F Turbo Flame
  • Powerful & Portable
  • Strong & Sturdy Brass Flame Nozzle
  • Detachable Base
  • 60 Minutes Of Continuous Burn Time
  • Ergonomically Placed Igniter Button

The Blazer® Big Buddy offers an extremely powerful 2500 °F flame and an impressive 60 minutes of continuous burn time—all in one easy-to-use, portable butane torch. It features an advanced flame height adjuster that enables users to tailor their sessions. Enjoy smaller, more flavorful clouds with a lower flame, or go big with higher temperatures. Simply slide the precision adjuster and watch the flame shrink and grow with precision.

Equipped with a rapid-fired igniter button, the Big Buddy will automatically ignite when employed, no lighter required. The igniter button is ergonomically placed on the back of the torch head. Once you're done, engage the child-proof safety lock. The safety lock will prevent the Big Buddy from ever accidentally igniting, even if dropped.

A detachable stand keeps the torch upright when at rest in between uses. Boasting a larger nozzle and butane capacity than other torches, the Big Buddy offers superior power and convenience. 

Width : 5.25 (in)
Height : 7.00 (in)
Depth : 2.60 (in)