Magic Butter Machine MB2e - Ultimate Edible-Making Machine

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Introducing the MagicalButter MB2e: The Ultimate Countertop Botanical Extractor

The MagicalButter MB2e is a revolutionary countertop botanical extractor that allows you to infuse the essence of healthy herbs into a variety of substances such as butter, oil, tinctures, lotions, and more! With its unique combination of an immersion blender, programmable thermostat, and heating unit, this machine takes the labor out of creating incredible recipes and botanical infusions.

Effortless Infusion:
Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually grinding, heating, stirring, and steeping your herbal extracts. The MagicalButter MB2e takes care of all these steps for you, ensuring precise time intervals and temperatures to achieve a perfect infusion every time. Whether you're infusing butter for baking, oil for cooking, or creating personalized tinctures and lotions, this machine simplifies the process and delivers consistent results.

Advanced Technology:
Equipped with a microprocessor-controlled program, the MagicalButter MB2e offers fully automatic operation with customizable settings. The integrated digital thermostat and sensors provide laboratory-grade temperature controls right in your kitchen, ensuring optimal infusion conditions for your herbs. With its intuitive interface, you can easily program the machine to achieve your desired infusion with precision and ease.

Versatile and Efficient:
The MagicalButter MB2e allows you to make 2-5 cups of infused liquids per cycle, providing ample capacity for various recipes and quantities. The stainless steel pitcher ensures durability and easy cleaning, while the self-cleaning feature saves you time and effort. Simply put, this machine streamlines the infusion process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of botanical extracts without the hassle.

Included Accessories:
To enhance your experience, the MagicalButter MB2e comes with a range of useful accessories. The Magical Glove ensures safe handling during operation, while the Purify Micron Filter 190 helps strain your infusions for a smoother consistency. The Magical Cookbook and Owner's Manual provide inspiration and guidance, helping you explore the endless possibilities of botanical infusions. The UK and EU power cord ensure compatibility with your electrical system.

- Weight: 10 lbs.
- Width: 10 Inches
- Height: 14 Inches
- Depth: 10 Inches
- Capacity: 2-5 Cups of Liquids

With the MagicalButter MB2e, you can unleash your creativity and elevate your culinary and wellness experiences. Whether you're a seasoned herbal enthusiast or a novice in the world of infusions, this countertop extractor makes it easy to create delicious and health-enhancing recipes. Discover the convenience, consistency, and versatility of the MagicalButter MB2e and embark on a journey of botanical exploration in your own kitchen.